Last Minute Miracles

For all those struggling with God’s timing…


This is now, probably the 19th time I’ve tried to start this post.

All unsuccessfully, I might add. And given that it’s 6:00pm, and this post is set to publish in less than an hour, it’s safe to say, the pressure’s on.


My mom sent me a photo yesterday. It’s of her on the top of a mountain. You see, she and my dad have been out West for a while, and hiking is one of their favorite things to do.

And looking at my beautiful mother, literally on top of the world, I just kind of smiled to myself and thought, how appropriate.

These past six months, she has been climbing her way back after her stroke. Little by little, every day. Every small decision, and challenging effort consistently done over and over, have been adding up. And seeing her atop this mountain, it was pretty glaringly…

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