The Journey in the Will of God – Part 1 “Lucky Day”

“This is your lucky day”, arrest-600x337

the cop casually commented from the drivers seat. As if sitting in the back of a police car, half-drunk   and realizing the implications of the accident he just caused wasn’t enough to overwhelm him with dread, he was now listening to a policeman seemingly mock him from the front seat of his cruiser. Shock turned to despondency as the young man considered his next stop would be the county jail.  The stark reality of police and ambulance lights flashing and the sound of mumbled radio dispatch heightened the reality of the dire circumstances around him. The young man’s despair turned into stunned silence as the cop handed him a ticket and dismissed him from the back of the police car casually commenting, “You’re free to go”. The young man’s thoughts swirled, “Why am I not going to jail? Had I somehow managed to con my way out of another self-imposed crisis? Had the sudden shock of the accident sobered me enough to fool the cop? What about the man I just hit? Was he okay?  What just happened?” But the young man was street smart enough not to ask any stupid questions. He quickly took the paper, got into his freshly dented car and drove off. Little did he know, it wasn’t his lucky night. It was Providence….

The outcome of the events that evening thirty years ago could have produced a much more tragic result. The man on the motorcycle who was hit escaped with a very sore back and a wrecked bike. The policeman proclaimed it to be that young man’s “lucky day” because the cop knew something the young man didn’t. The man on the motorcycle was himself intoxicated and driving without a license. And the young man who escaped another run-in with the law was about to find out that his days of escaping consequences had come to an abrupt end. Thank God it had come to an end. The accident that could have taken a life ended up saving one. That young man was me… (to be cont’d.)